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Patio Cleaning Glasgow

Patio Repairs - Patio Sealing

Dapper provide professional patio cleaning, repair and sealing services for residential and commercial clients throughout Glasgow.

As a patio tends to be an area the whole family uses keeping it hazard free is essential, patio cleaning and maintenance will also prolong the life of any patio. Dapper ground maintenance can replace the pointing between the paving, re-sett any loose or wobbly paviours or if need be replace broken paving.

Our patio cleaning and maintenance service cover all surface types from natural stones to concrete flags. Dapper pressure cleaning can remove moss, algae and weeds, paint, chewing gum, stains. Once cleaned we can seal your patio helping to protect it from the elements and extended it's life span.

Patio sealing is an important option to consider, patio cleaning and sealing will prolong the life of your patio especially if you have a natural stone, such as Sandstone or York-stone. Patio's will often fade over time due to the suns UV light, patio sealing will hep restore the lost colour as well as preventing further colour loss.

All paving, especially natural stone is to some degree porous, as such they are susceptible to water penetration and general wear & tear. Patio sealer will bond to the surface filling in the tiny cavities and protecting the surface from the weather and footfall, especially important on heavy traffic areas around steps and doorways.

At Dapper we only use the highest quality sealer’s, colour enhancers and jointing materials available on the market. Patio cleaning and sealing will dramatically enhance the look of your outside space and prolong the investment.

Patio sealing benefits:

• Stain resistant
• Colour enhancer
• Resists algae growth
• Protects jointing
• Environmentally friendly
• Increases lifespan

Suitable for:

• Paving slabs
• Slate
• Imprinted concrete
• Monoblock paving
• Sandstone
• Limestone
• York-stone
• Granite

Take advantage of Glasgow's premier patio cleaning and sealing service call Dapper today on, 07854 838 466.
  Dapper Patio Cleaning Glasgow Before

Dapper Patio Cleaning Glasgow After

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