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Sustainable Gardening
Eco Friendly – Environmentally Healthier
Dapper recognises its responsibilities as an environmentally friendly Ground Maintenance company and the role it has to play in protecting the environment, both for today and the future.

Sustainability means a lot to us all.

Sustainability minimizes the impact of human activities by incorporating both materials and practices that have a smaller carbon footprint or utilize recyclables. These ideas have immediate and long-term rewards and make it possible to live on a greener, healthier planet Earth.

Gardening is naturally a sustainable activity, but there are ways to be more environmentally-conscious, from reducing water wastage to creating your own compost heap. Below are few tips and idea we have for improving or implementing more sustainable ground maintenance practises:

Cut back on pesticide use:
As sustainable gardening goes, cutting back pesticides is a good place to start; their overuse is one of the factors that has provoked a catastrophic decline of insect populations. This not only affects the animals which feed on them, but also has disastrous consequences for our ecosystems which ultimately supply us with clean air, water and food.

Instead try companion planting, a natural method of pest control which involves growing mutually beneficial crops together. For example, French marigolds emit a strong odour which discourages greenfly and blackfly, making them the perfect companion for tomatoes, beans and sweetcorn. Carrots and leeks are also a good pairing: leeks ward off carrot fly while carrots repel leek moth.

Swap harsh chemical fertilisers for organic alternatives. Not only are these more eco-friendly, they can help your plants last longer.

Mulch cutting; for years there has been an urban myth that mulch cutting lawns and grassed areas would encourage the growth of moss, was bad for the health of your lawn and left an unsightly imperfect finish. This is simply not true, there is no credible scientific evidence whatsoever. Grass clippings are nutrient rich hence the fact they make up the bulk of most compost heaps, instead of bagging clippings up for use elsewhere or worse still binning them, try mulching the clippings to break back down and feed your lawn, its free environmentally friendly fertilizer and with the correct cutting techniques leaves a great finish.

Create natural areas within the garden or grounds, to often in the pursuit of the visually perfect, pristine grounds people simply forget about nature. There should be areas within all gardens under trees or shrubs or along a path were every fallen leave or twig isn’t removed, small mammals like hedge hogs and squirrels as well as birds and insects need these areas. They are essential to the eco system of healthy functioning grounds, over sanitizing the garden in not natural.

Try to reduce unnecessary water wastage. Water your plants the correct amount, get a rainwater butt and consider investing in an eco-friendly watering system as opposed to a traditional hosepipe. You can also buy large pots for plants so they don’t dry out as quickly. Save water, don’t water your lawn.

Fill your garden with native plants, such as native wildflowers, which are ideal for attracting bees and butterflies and are often more resistant to pests than non-natives.

Switch to solar power lighting. Garden centres, etc sell a wide range of garden and patio products such as decorative lanterns, rope-handled jars, fairy lights and fixed wall lights. It’s better for the environment, you’ll save on your energy bill, and the garden will look magical when lit up in the evenings.

• Buy plants sold in recyclable pots. Re-use plastic pots.
• Buy bulbs or potatoes in paper bags or compost in re-usable bags
• Make your own compost
• When buying commercial compost, choose peat-free
• Re-use or recycle larger items such as tools and furniture.
• When buying new garden furniture, look for FSC certification & check origins.
• Use biodegradable wooden plant labels.
• Use wool or jute twine ties not plastic.
• Use permeable paving for paths, terraces and parking areas.
• Plant a tree. Or don’t cut one down. Trees are excellent carbon sinks.
• Use environmentally friendly pest controls.
• Plant flowers that are good for pollinators.
• Have hedges instead of fences – hedges offer wildlife habitats and counter air pollution.
• Add bat boxes and bug hotels to the garden, plus twigs and leaves in piles at the backs
   of borders.
• Grow your own food – it’s better for the environment, and tastes better too.

For a free no obligation quote call Dapper Ground Maintenance today on, 0141 261 9409 or contact us via the online form.


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